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Reset your body and your intentions with the all-new DX4 Body Balancing System

We are so excited about the launch of our brand-new body balancing system, DX4, that we wanted to take a deeper look into the science behind the system, and explore a little more about how the programme can help you to jump-start your wellness in just four days!

Launched at Global Rally 2022, DX4 is the latest in Forever’s line-up of health and wellness products. The four-day programme helps you reassess your physical, mental, and spiritual health through nutritional support, mindset practices, and guided food intake.

Beyond that, DX4 teaches you to adopt a more mindful, intentional approach to how you are eating and taking care of your body. The nutritional support, structured meal plan, and mindset activities combine to provide a programme greater than the sum of its parts, helping you learn to live a cleaner and healthier lifestyle after the four days are complete.

So, how is DX4 is different from other body-balancing systems?

DX4 takes a comprehensive approach to how you view food and asks the question “why do you feel hungry?” It is not a weight loss programme; instead, it is a controlled assessment of what your body needs versus what your brain wants. Through a guided programme, DX4 walks you along the path toward an enhanced mind-body connection. It balances physical health — through nutritional products and supplements and a structured meal plan — with mindfulness, goal setting and gratitude. All the programme’s functions are designed to work in tandem with one another to help you experience improved overall health.

How did science drive the development of DX4?

Science was absolutely crucial in the formulation of the DX4 programme. It was important to select quality ingredients with clinically backed research.

The effectiveness of each ingredient and the research behind every aspect of DX4 really sets it apart. We have met both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Food Safety Authority requirements for all vitamins or minerals noted on the labels, and have done so at safe and effective levels. Beyond that, we have utilized peer-reviewed and clinically proven ingredients and performed quality and safety testing of the raw ingredients and the finished products that comprise the DX4 system. How was the structure of the programme determined?

Each ingredient is rigorously researched and formulated to work in tandem. Because this is coupled with mindset activities and a meal plan, you get a programme that will help you readjust your relationship with food. Our research and development team did a deep dive on new ingredients to help with these systems as well as implemented the existing Forever product, Forever Aloe Vera Gel. Why is the mindset aspect of DX4 so important?

Perhaps the most important part of DX4 is how we (in our minds) perceive our mood, our eating impulses, and the decisions we make during stressful days. This programme will ask you to take time for yourself, practice mindfulness exercises, and set a goal. Sometimes our minds and bodies need a soft restart in order to be our best selves — and that’s exactly what DX4 is.

How can DX4 support your wellness goals?

The intent of DX4 is to help you reassess your relationship with food and your lifestyle. Because there will always be stressors and distractions in life, it’s important to make a reset such as this part of your healthy lifestyle routine. For best results, it is recommended to do DX4 multiple times per year, but you should have three months between each programme. Doing this reset each quarter will help you have a healthier mindset over time. Before you can make a sustainable change, you must address the inner workings of your body, mind and spirit to cultivate an enduring and complete wellness spectrum — and that is what DX4 does. By rebooting the body and mind at the foundational level of wellness, and repeating this reboot throughout the year, you will experience more balance.

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By Forever UK

Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated. And with Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion, you can start each day right by arming your face against environmental stressors and daily sun exposure.

Protecting Day Lotion sits within Forever’s award-winning Targeted Skincare range and features a blend of pure inner leaf aloe vera gel, skin-conditioning ingredients and UV protection.

So, to better understand Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion, we’ve put together a handy guide to improve your product knowledge and help you find out just how many benefits you can enjoy.

Why use a day lotion to protect your skin?

It might not always feel like it, but your skin is under constant attack. Sun, wind, pollution – even air conditioning – all these, and more, can cause issues.

But with Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion, you get a lightweight formula that blends and absorbs easily into the skin and is packed with ingredients to soothe, moisturise and nourish, as well as shield from the stresses your skin gets put through each and every day.

What effective ingredients are in Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion?

It wouldn’t be a Forever product without aloe vera! And this reformulation of Protecting Day Lotion now has more aloe vera gel – an ingredient known to both soothe and moisturise.

Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion also contains a blend of oils that includes brassica napus, castor and desert date. Castor and desert date oils then combine with sunflower oil, all of which contain high amounts of fatty acids to give your skin a soft, smooth texture.

Even better, the naturally derived, non-nano zinc includes an advanced coating technology to shield your skin without a tell-tale white residue. So, you get coverage that goes on easily and leaves you looking flawless.

What sets Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion apart?

Protecting Day Lotion is a scientifically created formula that blends high moisturisation with lightweight application, making it suitable for all skin types.

Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion also contains glycerin, a humectant that grabs water from the air and helps deliver it to the skin, while linoleic, oleic and palmitic essential fatty acids mimic the fat structure of the skin to prevent epidermal water loss.

Are there any other benefits?

An added benefit of Protecting Day Lotion is that it includes SPF 20 to protect from UV rays and help prevent signs of premature ageing.

Which other Forever products can be used with Protecting Day Lotion?

Protecting Day Lotion has been designed to complement a wide variety of Forever skincare products.

It is perfect to use alongside the Sonya Daily Skincare System or any of the Infinite by Forever Advanced Skincare range.

When should Protecting Day Lotion be used?

Forever’s Protecting Day Lotion should be used every morning after cleansing and after applying your favourite Forever moisturiser.

It should be evenly applied to both the face and neck.

At a glance… Key benefits of Protecting Day Lotion

  • Includes SPF 20

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Helps protect your skin from environmental stressors (like sun, wind and pollution)

  • A lightweight formula that blends and absorbs into skin easily

  • Aids with moisturise and protection

  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

  • Gluten free

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  • Writer's pictureChristina Warr

We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new topical product to support muscles and joints in December 2022 (Aloe Cooling Lotion). This new product will provide similar benefits to Aloe Heat Lotion by soothing tired muscles, yet work differently. This new product will contain the following key ingredients:

  • Aloe: Conditions skin and supports ease of massaging muscle areas.

  • Menthol crystals: Provides a powerful cooling and refreshing sensation.

  • Camphor: Produces a soothing or relaxing sensation when massaged into to the skin.

  • Eucalyptus oil: Helps ease sore muscles with a cooling, soothing effect.

  • MSM: An organic sulfur compound that is the third most abundant mineral in our body and will help provide comfort.

  • Aloe Cooling Lotion is now available to purchase

Why is Aloe Heat Lotion being discontinued in the EU? Due to a change in EU regulations, we made the difficult decision earlier this year to stop selling Aloe Heat Lotion (Item #064) and Aloe Heat Lotion sample sachets (Item #10623) at the end of 2022. Affecting all EU markets, this decision was based on a new regulation in the EU restricting the percentage of use for methyl salicylate, which creates the “heat” in our Aloe Heat Lotion formula. We attempted to reformulate this product, but with the new reduced percentage requirements, it didn’t reach our high-quality performance standards. We will stop selling Aloe Heat Lotion and Aloe Heat Lotion sample sachets on December 17, 2022. Any FBO or customer that purchases Aloe Heat Lotion or Aloe Heat Lotion sample sachets can continue using the products personally after this date. However, FBOs in the EU cannot sell or promote either of these products after December 17, 2022.We are very excited about the new Aloe Cooling Lotion launching in the EU December 2022, and we are confident that this product will provide FBOs in the EU markets with a great replacement for the Aloe Heat Lotion. It’s cooling, soothing effects are long lasting and effective, and it applies smoothly with a stimulating fragrance.More news on the exact start-sell date of the new Aloe Cooling Lotion will follow shortly.

FAQ Aloe Heat Lotion

Why is Aloe Heat Lotion being removed from the Forever range? There are new EU regulations limiting the amount of methyl salicylate in all cosmetic products. Methyl salicylate is the ingredient that creates the ‘heat’ in our Aloe Heat Lotion, and the new limits are so low that the product would not have the desired effect. We are therefore ending sales of Aloe Heat Lotion, either in tubes or samples, on 17 December 2022 in all EU Member States. This also affects the boxes that include Aloe Heat Lotion. What is methyl salicylate? Why is it used? Methyl salicylate is the ingredient that creates the ‘heat’ in our Aloe Heat Lotion. Methyl salicylate occurs naturally in evergreen, for example. It has a characteristic mint-like fragrance and is used for its calming properties. What do the new regulations mean for how methyl salicylate is used? Methyl salicylate may still be used in cosmetic products, but at far lower levels than before. The new regulations would mean a huge reduction in the functionality of Aloe Heat Lotion. Do any other Forever products contains methyl salicylate? No, Aloe Heat Lotion is the only Forever product to contain methyl salicylate. For how long can I sell Aloe Heat Lotion to my customers? You may sell Aloe Heat Lotion up to and including 17th December 2022. You may use the product for your own personal use also after this date. Will Aloe Heat Lotion be coming back with a new formula? No, we are replacing it with a more modern product which does have similar product functionality to the Aloe Heat Lotion. This new product fits very well in the fast growing category of ‘Cooling Gels’, which are particularly popular amongst people with a sporty lifestyle. If a customer wants to return an Aloe Heat Lotion after it is discontinued, can this be done via the Customer Satisfaction Guarantee? Yes, our generous 60-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee naturally still applies, whatever the reason. I’ve been using Aloe Heat Lotion for many years. Should I be concerned about my health? People around the world use Aloe Heat Lotion, and we have never had any health-related complaints about the product.The content and amount of ingredients in all our products are within safe, approved levels, in accordance with strict prevailing legal requirements and recommendations. Customer safety is our highest priority, and the end products are carefully assessed for safety, both by us and an external third party, in order to guarantee a safe product. Can I still feel safe using Forever’s products? Yes! Forever’s product development team is constantly working to improve and update our products, and always considers the latest information and recommendations as regards new products and new regulations. All the ingredients and their use in our products are currently permitted in the EU, and the end products are carefully assessed for safety, both by us and an external third party, in order to guarantee a safe product.

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