Start Your Journey Box

How to buy at wholesale Price

If you would like to buy Forever Living Products at wholesale price (35% off) you just have to complete the application form to purchase a Start your Journey Box.

This box is pictured above and costs £199.75

Contents of the Box

When you complete your application form to join you will receive The Start Your Journey Pack for £199.75. It comes with the bestselling products.

You can either try these products for yourself or share with your friends and family.

What’s in this pack?

Forever Aloe Vera Gel x 1

Forever Freedom x 1

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar x 1

Forever Bright Toothgel x 1

Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant x 1

Aloe Propolis Crème x 1

Aloe Vera Gelly x 1

Aloe Lips x 1

Forever Lite Ultra - 15 Serving Pouch - Vanilla x 1

Aloe Jojoba Shampoo x 1

Aloe Jojoba Conditioning Rinse x 1

Forever Hand Sanitizer x 1

Aloe Moisturizing Lotion x 1

Forever Bee Pollen x 1

Avocado Face & Body Soap x 1

Forever Active Probiotic x 1

Forever Aloe Scrub x 1

Aloe Hand Soap x 1

Aloe Heat Lotion x 1

Sports & Weight Management Brochure x 5

Measuring Cup

Literature Pack x 1

Welcome Pack x 1

Contents may vary.

Starter cost £199.75
Retail: £297.26.


Once you have purchased your pack you will receive 30% + a further 5% off all product orders.

There is no monthly obligation to purchase.

There are no monthly charges

If you do not purchase within 3 years you will lose your right to this discount.

You will be asked for the following information

Sponsors ID : 440100078552

Full Name : Christina Warr & Sue Hickman

Tel : 01909 731747

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