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Life is full of choices

Do you dream of winning the lottery and imagine how life would be?

The reality is most people have had this thought, designed their dream life and left it right there….on the back of the coaster down at the local pub on a Saturday night out!

TIME marches very quickly and often we think one day I will…one day I will be able to afford it….one day I will be retired and I will have more time, one day I won’t have to…..

Seriously though if you could have the life you wanted what would it look like? Is it MONEY or is it TIME that you really need?

We like most people have worked for a BOSS; we have worked 9-5, shift work, weekends and endless hours of overtime that was demanded, being paid on a salary scale which never seemed to increase enough to make a difference.

Then we came across this company……….We joined NOT for the TIME or the MONEY but for the PRODUCTS.

We fell in love with the ethos of Forever, we never rushed, and slowly we began to SEE what is possible.

Setting small GOALS and working towards these we could make the changes to our LIFE we desired.

11 Years on and our small GOALS got bigger and bigger……the BOSS and 9-5 life has gone, we are in charge of our TIME and MONEY.  Life each day is a choice.

If you have DREAMS and are a glass half full person who wants to make some CHANGES NOW, Please get in touch we can show how.


I was a police officer for thirty years. I spent most of my service as a detective which taught me to be tenacious and to know that anything and everything is possible in life. It also meant for thirty years I went to work not knowing what time I would be getting home. As a consequence, I missed numerous special events with family and friends and could never commit to things I really wanted to do unless I booked leave. The pay-off for this was that I knew when I reached my retirement age of forty-nine I was going to have a fantastic pension which would mean I would never have to work again and I would be able to live a life of adventure, travelling the world and having a single-figure golf handicap.


I have played numerous sports throughout my life which by my mid-forties were starting to catch up with me and I found that my mobility was challenged. A friend recommended the drinking gel and whilst I hated the taste of it, I liked her, and so I persevered and began to drink it every day. I was amazed by the results and have taken it ever since. I joined the company just to get the drinking gel cheaper as my friend charged me full price for every bottle I had.


My bubble burst about my future eighteen months before I retired. Police officers are sent on a pre-retirement course and during this course you are told roughly how much money you will have to live on once you have retired. This was a real shock to my system and for the first time in my life I worried about money as I realised I could not live on the money I would be receiving let alone live the fantastic life I had been imagining.


I had spent over a year saying I wasn't interested in the Forever business. I hadn't watched the DVD I had been sent and hadn't been to a business presentation but what I had done was rave about the products and so by accident, I built a really good retail business which meant I qualified for a company incentive called Achievers’ Weekend. This was being held by chance at the Cheltenham Racecourse on Saturday and the Cotswold Water Park on Sunday. My sister had a caravan at the Cotswold Water Park, so I thought I might as well go. I wasn't particularly enthusiastic but by going I could spend some time with my sister at the caravan. What a fantastic decision that turned out to be! I had a complete lightbulb moment and saw how I could have a life but earn the money I needed to make up the difference between my wage and my pension. As a sceptical bobby, I knew that those big things I saw were only for a few, but I believed I could earn a few thousand pounds a month to make all the difference to my life.


That was ten years ago. In the beginning I had to put up with my colleagues and friends ridiculing me, telling me I had joined a pyramid scheme, that it was illegal, and I would never make any money. The reality is some of them still do say that.  However, over the years, I have gradually built a business which gives me all of those big incentives which I thought only a few got. I travel the world with Forever having adventures every step of the way – I’m living the life of my dreams!


I joined in 2007, not for a business, but to get my hands on the products at a discounted price. I had been using a few of my favourites for a couple of months and knew that I would continue to use them, so why not get them at the best possible price? Little did I know this was a decision which would change my life.


At the time, I was an IT consultant for Lloyds Banking Group, which I loved. I had a great income, a lovely home, two holidays a year, and what looked like a perfect job, but what I didn’t have was TIME to enjoy it all.


In 2009 the banking world changed forever along with the hours I was working. This meant even less family time, and redundancy became a real possibility. It was only then that I decided to take a serious look at the business side of Forever. I already had trust in the company as I knew the products worked for me. At first I couldn’t believe just what was possible, seeing others achieving the income I was already earning, but working just part-time hours from home.


I was in and set to work around my job. Within two years of joining I had achieved the Manager position, Car Plan, and was well on the way to replacing my full-time income.


When redundancy came I knew I would never have to apply for another job or worry about how I would pay the bills. I stepped into my new career in 2011 and now I have everything, including the TIME I wanted so much.


I have built my business using all the incentives Forever has to offer. I have treated each incentive as a game to play with a prize to win. Learning the skills along the way, sometimes failing but never quitting until the prize was won. I love the fact the each year the incentives start again and everyone can compete. The incentives are a level playing field for everyone, and with a little stick-to-itiveness, everyone can win.


We now have many holidays every year and love the five-star trips paid for by Forever. We have been taken to some amazing destinations: Singapore, South Africa, America, Mexico, Dubai, and many more where we have created wonderful memories and had lots of fun with our friends.  I now own my dream car but most importantly I have all the time in the world to play golf, spend time with my family and walk my dogs whenever I like.


Life for me was always the forty-year plan; I’m so grateful I was shown another way and took the opportunity to change my life.

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