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Commitment to Quality

Our Aloe Vera Ingredients

At Forever Living we have dedicated ourselves to seeking out nature’s best resources to help improve and perfect the health and cosmetic industry, providing the world with quality natural products that are guaranteed to improve people’s quality of life. It is this commitment to creating premium natural products that led to Forever Living receiving the International Aloe Science Council’s Seal of Approval for both consistency and purity.

We combine pure aloe vera with natural and scientifically advanced ingredients which are specially chosen to complement and enhance the benefits of aloe. The versatility of aloe vera means it can be combined with different ingredients and utilised in a multitude of ways to help both you and your family look and feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside.

Every product starts out life as 100% aloe vera leaf gel, before we delicately add carefully crafted ingredients to produce outstanding final products. Ranging from drinkable gels for regulating your digestive system, to soothing massage lotions for relaxation, to revitalising eye creams to combat ageing, we have a product to suit your every need. Versatile and adaptable, aloe vera is full of an endless amount of possibilities that we are uncovering each and every day on our mission to create premium natural products.

For nearly forty years, Forever Living has demonstrated a commitment and passion for finding and sourcing nature’s purest ingredients, pairing them with the latest scientific advancements to create outstanding organic products. Harmonising nature with science, Forever Living products help to ensure that both you and your family reach your optimum performance levels both physically and mentally.

The key to Forever Living’s success is our commitment to the quality and purity of our Aloe Vera products. Planted, tended, and harvested by hand, Forever Living’s aloe plants are lovingly nurtured from seedling to plant, receiving thorough care and attention that is second to none. Once fully grown, the potent aloe vera gel is delicately separated from the leaf, before being gently stabilised in a special, patented process, all mere hours after being harvested in order to provide you with the freshest and most pure aloe vera based products possible. There are over 400 species of aloe in the world but only four are considered to hold nutritional qualities that are of value; Barbadensis Miller, the species grown by Forever Living, is by far the most powerful.

Forever proudly uses the aloe gel, not the sap. There’s little evidence of any health benefits from aloe vera sap, which forms the bitter part of the leaf, but the inner gel is thought to be the most beneficial part – the higher the percentage found in products, the better! 

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