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Why Forever Aloe Vera Gel

Forever’s iconic yellow and brown bottle has become synonymous with aloe vera, and rightfully so – after all, Forever Aloe Vera Gel contains 99.7% stabilised aloe! For almost forty years we have been at the cutting edge of aloe production and we believe our patented stabilisation process sets us apart from the rest. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our aloe that our Forever Business Owners can offer their customers an unconditional sixty-day money back guarantee if they aren’t completely satisfied with the products. Here at Forever Living, we’ve always known that aloe vera is a pretty incredible plant, but a recent report from Expert Market Research has shown that the world’s love for aloe is also growing at a rapid rate. In fact, the global aloe vera market is predicted to reach $728 million by 2021.The same report also named Forever Living as being one of the top players in the supply of aloe, which comes as no surprise considering Forever Living produces over 60% of the world’s commercially grown aloe vera – now that’s a lot of aloe!

Not all aloe is created equal

US news outlet Bloomberg, warned it’s readership that a study it commissioned into aloe products found that reputable retailers were selling products that didn’t contain any aloe at all, despite them listing aloe vera as either the number one or number two ingredient after water. The International Aloe Science Council (IASC) represents the aloe industry and was formed in the 1980s to offer an independent certification programme to ensure both the quantity and quality of aloe vera in consumer products. We are proud to announce that Forever Aloe Vera Gel exceeded IASC’s high standards and the majority of Forever’s products have also been awarded with its Seal of Approval.

Why Forever’s aloe?

Aloe vera really is at the heart of everything Forever Living does, which is why our aloe is carefully grown and cultivated, ensuring it is of the highest quality possible. Forever Living is dedicated to bringing the best aloe vera directly to you by ensuring our products are always of a superior quality. Forever Living is able to quality control the entire production process since we own and manage everything, from the plantations to the factories. Forever’s plantations in the Dominican Republic and Texas employ local farmers who carefully nurture the aloe plants with the same level of care and high standards that we put into every one of our products. Once the aloe arrives at our factories it undergoes scrupulous quality control testing – in total, Forever Living carries out over 1.5 million quality tests per year. That’s equal to one quality test every twenty seconds, twenty-four hours a day…phew!

Our products

Forever’s devotion to this little green plant has been going strong for forty years now! Our commitment to finding nature’s purest ingredients and pairing them with the latest scientific advancements is ongoing. The more our research and development teams discover about aloe, the more they fall in love with it! It is this genuine passion for aloe that drives our innovation to develop new and improved products year on year.

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