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Wipe the slate clean in 2021

There is no better way to start a New Year than with a brand-new product! Forever is pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new Aloe Liquid Soap. This product will be available to purchase from Monday 11th January

Cleanse and moisturise with Forever’s Aloe Liquid Soap. Our creamy, pearlescent formula nourishes to leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed. Whether it’s on your kitchen counter or in the shower, Aloe Liquid Soap harnesses the power of aloe with other powerful ingredients to provide a versatile, whole-body cleansing experience for the whole family.

By combining the best of nature with pure aloe vera from our own fields, Forever has created a liquid soap that leaves skin feeling soft and clean. Aloe soothes and softens, while argan oil delivers vitamin E and natural fatty acids to condition and promote healthy skin. This extraordinary ingredient is known as “liquid gold of Morocco” and is carefully harvested from the fruit of the tree.

We also boosted the skin enhancing benefits of Aloe Liquid Soap with jojoba esters and cucumber fruit extract to help maintain moisture. The soothing properties combine perfectly with aloe vera to gently cleanse and leave skin feeling smooth and soft. But the benefits don’t stop there. We’ve added Arnica fruit extract, harvested from a yellow flower that grows in the mountains, to help stimulate skin for a fresh complexion.

With a combination of natural oils, extracts and pure aloe vera, Aloe Liquid Soap has just what your skin needs to feel clean, nourished and renewed.

A powerful, gentle and versatile cleanser for the whole family.

  • Perfect for a whole-body cleansing experience

  • Argan oil and jojoba infuse moisture into your skin

  • Soft on sensitive skin

  • Suitable for the entire family

From 11th January, Aloe Liquid Soap will replace Aloe Hand Soap. Aloe Liquid Soap is an update to the formula which makes it ideal for any circumstances. It is a whole-body liquid soap that helps retain skin’s moisture with pure aloe vera, jojoba oil and other powerful ingredients.

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