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What people are saying about aloe vera

Using products containing natural ingredients has become a hot topic of late, and that’s because advancements in science are identifying hugely beneficial properties tucked away within the fruits and flora that decorate our earth. Aloe vera is one of these miracle plants and although it is one that has been recognised for centuries already, its status as king of the succulents is a title it will uphold for as long as it graces this planet! If you’re yet to discover the outstanding benefits of aloe, just read these comments below on what people are saying about aloe vera.

“I have studied aloe vera since 1980 and I think aloe is a miracle plant. The more I research aloe vera, the more I love aloe vera.”


“My grandmother in Russia would always make some sort of medicine with aloe vera. If I had a cough, a sore throat or something like that she would mix the inner gel from the leaf with some honey and give that to me. She’d also put it on a bruise or a scratch, so I always grew up with the idea that aloe is a great plant to have thanks to its natural healing properties. That’s why Forever’s products were so appealing to me; I always gravitate towards products that are natural and that’s why I was so drawn to Forever’s products – I just love aloe and I know it works!”


“I have been drinking aloe for eleven years and I now also drink a peach flavoured one as it’s so delicious. Starting the day with an aloe shot helps keep me fit and healthy and since it’s packed with vitamins and minerals (including vitamin C for added energy), I know I’m giving my body the nutrients it might not otherwise get. Staying fit and healthy means I can enjoy playing golf and being active, and I don’t have to worry about slowing down as I’ve just turned 50!”

– CHRISTINA, WORKSOP (Forever Business Owner)

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